Wazian Revolution

It wasn’t until I started to date my fiancĂ© that I considered myself a true Wazian, even though before that my name to most Asian friends was Wazian. Hopefully the promotion of the word Wazian will inspire other white males and even white females to learn and enjoy the Asian cultures and what they have to offer. Dating Asian females and males is only a small part of being a Wazian.

Last week in my short blog on Wazian vs Wasian my last statement I noted that just because you are dating an Asian does not technically make you a Wazian. Being a Wazian is a culture all on its own. Realistically you’re a white male or female that has been strongly influenced in the Asian culture. The reason why most White males and females that are in a relationship with an Asian classify there self as a Wazian is because day and day out they are subjected to the culture. This does not mean that if you are not in relationship with an Asian that you are not a Wazian. Many Wazian live or hang out with groups of Asians. Growing up I only knew of one other true Wazian. I say true Wazian because we did have other white males and females that would hang out with us, but there was obvious distinction between them and the “true” Wazians.

One thing that I would like to see more of is the promotion of Wazians. For a white male or female to take part in Asian cultures and learning to respect there ways will increase the spread of Wazians and the acceptance of Asians in both relationships and friends. Even though I live in an area where racism is close to nil, I know that there are some places in the world where Wazians are looked down upon. I assume that this dates back to WW2, Vietnam, and other wars in Asia where Caucasians countries played a roll. There was a lot of white males who would get into relationship with the Asian females and went against there cultures. Some went to the extreme and brought there partner back to there own country. Where these men classified as Wazians? I don’t believe so, but some may argue. This was not always true and there were some military personal that would try to learn the Asian culture. A good example of this, though it was a fictional movie was Good morning Vietnam. Where Robin Williams character took special interest in a Asian female. He tried his best to learn about the culture. I do understand that this was a fictional character, but it does show that even at the time Wazians were present.

I would like to see the Wazian community grow larger and gain more respect from both Asians and Caucasians. I would like to get around the stereotyping that wazian are just white males that date Asian females because there “hot” or “submissive” and prove to these people that Wazians have great respect for the Asian culture.

The Morning Buzz

Microsoft takes on Google with free Office programs

Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:31am EDT

By Jim Finkle
BOSTON (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp will release a free version of its dominant Office software that users can access over the Web, catching up with products that arch rival Google Inc launched three years ago.
The world's largest software maker will offer a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software and a note-taking program with the same look and feel of their counterparts in the Office suites that it sells for personal computers.
It is the latest salvo in an intensifying war between the two technology giants. Google announced plans last week to challenge Windows with a free operating system. Microsoft introduced a new search engine, dubbed Bing, last month, that has taken a small amount of market share from Google.
A free version of Office could hurt sales of Microsoft's top-selling and most profitable business unit. One of Office's most popular titles is a home version that sells for $150. It includes the four programs that Microsoft will give away.
"Microsoft is in a tough spot. Their competition isn't just undercutting them. They are giving away the competitive product," said Sheri McLeish, an analyst with Forrester Research.
The Office division rang up operating profit of $9.3 billion on sales of $14.3 billion in the first three quarters of the software maker's current fiscal year.
McLeish said she expects Microsoft to overtake Google in the market as the hundreds of millions of people who use Office flock to try out the Internet version.
Microsoft will seek to make money by using it to lead those users to its ad-supported websites, including the Bing search engine. Analysts have said that Bing's early signs of success suggest Microsoft may be rounding the corner in efforts to turn around its money-losing Internet division.
Microsoft will release the free offering when it starts selling Office 2010, it next major release of the product, sometime in the first half of next year. Its current version came out in January 2007.
The software maker unveiled an early release on Monday at a conference for business partners in New Orleans. It will be distributed to tens of thousands of testers.
Company spokeswoman Janice Kapner said the free Web version will provide "a very rich experience" and probably have more functionality than Google.
Office 2010 is among a wave of upgrades to Microsoft programs planned over the next year. A new version of its ubiquitous Windows operating system is coming out in October and a new version of its widely used email server is also in the works.
Microsoft also plans two other Internet versions of Office for businesses.
It will host one of them at its own data centers, charging a yet-to-be-announced fee for that service. Businesses with premium service contracts will have the choice of running the Web-based version from their own data centers at no extra cost.
(Reporting by Jim Finkle; Editing by Richard Chang)